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#86 – Chris Bezold – Composer, "Day Labor" [VIDEO]

  1. #86 - Chris Bezold - Composer, "Day Labor" [VIDEO] 919 Media 1:04:12

Join host Daron Jenkins for an exciting new episode of “Conversations with Daron Jenkins” as he sits down with the incredibly talented composer, Chris Bezold. Chris takes us behind the scenes of his latest project, the 2024 film “Day Labor.”

In this episode, Daron and Chris dive into the creative process behind composing for film, discussing the unique challenges and inspirations that shaped the soundtrack of “Day Labor.” 

Whether you’re a film buff, music enthusiast, or aspiring composer, this episode is packed with insights and stories that you will want to experience. Tune in for an inspiring conversation highlighting the art of film scoring and the passion driving Chris Bezold’s work.

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**Guest Links:**

– Chris Bezold’s Website: []

– Follow Chris on Instagram: @chris_bezold

Daron Jenkins Podcast Producer / Host

I'm a NYC-based entrepreneur, a community builder, podcast host, producer and content creator. I produce several podcasts including Drop the Mic podcast, where I converse with fascinating people from entertainment, music, business, tech and other focuses.

Additionally, I'm the organizer of the NY Film/TV Collective, a community for over 5k creative that are creating content for the screen.

I also host a weekly Monday night audio room (called Microphone Meetups) on LinkedIn for Podcasters and anyone interested in podcasts.

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