1. The Role of Imagination in Healing & Growth: A Chat w/Vlado Šolc, Jungian analyst & author of Dark Religion Deborah Lukovich, PhD 1:06:42

I’m excited to bring back Vlado Šolc for the third time. He’s a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist practicing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my hometown. Vlado has authored many articles, and he is the co-author of the book, Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology.

Listen to our chat about self-reflection in a time of conspiracy theories.
Listen to our chat about a depth approach to therapy or watch on YouTube.

Today’s episode is a spontaneous conversation about the rule of creativity and imagination in healing and growth. There will be props and vulnerable sharing of stories, drawings, and poetry by Vlado and me of how imagination has contributed to our unfolding and how that’s related to what’s going on out there in the world. 


Deborah Lukovich, PhD
Depth Psychology Coach, Author, Podcaster & Blogger

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Deborah Lukovich, PhD Depth Psychology Coach, Author, Podcaster & Blogger

Deborah Lukovich, PhD, is depth psychology coach, author, blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber, all ways she overshares her crazy midlife adventures and creates space for others to find deeper meaning in their own. She loves engaging with thousands of Twitter followers too.

She holds a M.A. and PhD in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. Through coaching, writing, and conversation, Deborah is on a mission to empower people with a framework for self-reflection focused on learning the language of the unconscious, through which the Soul reveals clues about our deepest desires.

She describes herself as an accidentally funny, awkward depth psychology nerd who is addicted to finding meaning in ordinary life events, and over-shares to encourage others to explore the deeper meaning of their lives.