1. Episode 206: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Unveiled with Rhonda Y. Williams. Enrique Acosta Gonzalez 34:23

I spoke with Rhonda Y. Williams (Founder of Above The Grind Leadership) about “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.”  

You will learn the following:  

1. How does Emotional Intelligence impact leadership effectiveness, and why is it crucial for success in today’s dynamic business environment? 3:44 

2. What practical strategies can leaders employ to enhance their self-awareness and empathy, key components of Emotional Intelligence? 5:57   

3. In what ways does Emotional Intelligence contribute to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture, and how can leaders actively cultivate these qualities? 9:56  

4. How can leaders effectively manage and regulate their own emotions, especially in challenging situations, to maintain composure and make sound decisions? 15:16

5. What role does Emotional Intelligence play in building strong interpersonal relationships within a team, and what actionable steps can leaders take to strengthen connections and collaboration among team members? 22:38   

To get in contact with Rhonda:  

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhondaywilliams1

Website: https://atgleadership.com/

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Enrique is a 26 year Navy Veteran, business owner, best selling author, coach, trainer, speaker and three show podcast host. He blends his service, ministerial background and more than 20 years of senior leadership experience to develop leaders to their full potential and out of sucKcess to success.