1. Is the game of life playing you? Scott Perry 55:05

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Stepping Into Possibility is a series of three episodes about the nine fundamentals for becoming the best version of yourself and doing what you do better.

Today, we feature Episode 1: Is the Game of Life Playing You?

Here’s the coolest part. As you learn to do what you do better, you also get clear and closer to what you really want in life.

These nine principles and practices are force multipliers. Sure, they’ll save you time and effort doing what you do (and if you have a business, boost your bottom line).

More importantly, the concepts and exercises help you cultivate greater prosperity, purpose, and peace of mind as you build identity, forge meaning, and make an impact.

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Scott Perry helps people define the difference only they can make and live their legacy in the next chapter of their of life. Scott has pursued several vocations, navigating from a 25-year career as a professional musician into a 5-year contract as a head coach at Seth Godin’s Akimbo Workshops and now as the leader of a movement to help others reconnect with and share their unique gift.