1. Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish, Eat Them Up Rich Bennett / Matthew Scales / Joe Love 48:09

In this episode titled “Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish, Eat Them Up,” sponsored by “Eternal Pawprints,” Rich Bennett leads a detailed discussion with Joe Love and Matthew Scales about the invasive blue catfish in the Chesapeake Bay. Introduced in the 1970s for trophy fishing, these fish have since proliferated, posing a threat to the local ecosystem by preying on native species like blue crabs and perch. The episode delves into their characteristics, habitat, and the challenges they pose. It also explores management strategies, primarily focusing on promoting the blue catfish as a culinary choice to control their population. The conversation touches on their availability in markets, various cooking methods, and health considerations due to potential contaminants. The episode aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of blue catfish and encourages listeners to help mitigate this by incorporating the fish into their diets.

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This episode is sponsored by Eternal Pawprints

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