1. Co-creating Peace Episode #137 – “Energy Ball for Peace Ceremony” Kathleen Oweegon 31:49

Welcome to “Energy Ball for Peace Ceremony”.

In this episode, Jeffrey Goldstein and I embark on an intriguing exploration of how each of us can harness the natural energy within us to foster peace and healing for ourselves and others. Jeffrey guides us through forming an energy ball, a technique using the healing energy within each of us.

Join us as Jeffrey describes the transformative peace ceremonies he has been using and teaching in Israel and Palestine for many years. Energy ball ceremonies harness the power of collective intention and the positive ripple effect that can create. Using this powerful tool, we can all contribute to a more united and peaceful world. 

Jeffrey's vision of global harmony through individual and group energy work provides a beacon of hope in a world often divided. I invite you to listen deeply, and you may discover new ways to channel your inner energy towards co-creating a more peaceful existence for all. 

Highlights include:

  • The healing energy within us all
  • How to form and utilize an Energy Ball
  • Exploring Energy Healing Techniques
  • Transforming Energy for Positive Change

Jeffrey Goldstein SEP lives in Yefe Nof, Jerusalem, Israel. His professional focus is Body Oriented Trauma Therapy with a Spiritual Approach. Modalities are Attunement, Somatic Experiencing®, and EmotionAid®. He offers private sessions, classes, & trainings in Israel, Switzerland, USA, and online. He's a Dedicated Spiritual Peace activist with a strong desire to spread inner peace. He conducts Peace Vigils 2x/week since Oct. 7, 2024.

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Kathleen Oweegon Educator, Podcast Host, Communication Coach, Mediator, Facilitator

Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace with offices in Oregon and New Mexico. She also serves on the Board of Directors of International Institute for Global Leadership.

Kathleen has been a educator in communication and leadership skills for over 40 years, working with institutions and in the private sector. She has received over 250 hours of training in conflict resolution and related skills, and has created, co-designed and delivered many trainings in mindfulness, leadership, mediation, facilitation and conflict-free communication.