1. The Secret Sauce: Unwrapping McDonald's Mysteries with Chef Mike Haracz Jeff Dwoskin 53:40

Chef Mike Haracz shares insider secrets and fascinating stories about his journey and the mysteries behind some of McDonald’s most iconic items.

Show Highlights:

  • Chef’s Origin: Tracing Chef Mike’s path from his early culinary days to becoming a fast-food innovator.
  • The Leap to Innovation: Exploring his transition to R&D and the creation of new products for global brands.
  • Decoding the McRib: Unveiling the composition and allure of this legendary sandwich.
  • Fish and Beef Tales: Debunking myths about the ingredients in McDonald’s fish and beef.
  • Menu Development: The intricate process behind bringing new items to the McDonald’s menu.
  • Successes and Stumbles: A look at successful launches and products that didn’t make the cut.
  • Culinary Creativity: Insights into the development of unique items like buttermilk crispy tenders.
  • A Cut Above the Rest: Discovering why McDonald’s fries are a fast-food staple.
  • Menu Hacks: Tips from Chef Mike for a fresher, tailor-made McDonald’s meal.
  • Catering to Preferences: How customer tastes shape McDonald’s menu, with a focus on regional variations.
  • Solving the Ice Cream Machine Mystery: Chef Mike’s take on operational hurdles, including the notorious ice cream machine issues.
  • The Business of Fast Food: Exploring menu creation, pricing, and marketing strategies in the fast-food realm.

Chef Mike’s journey provides a unique lens into the complexities and excitement of the fast-food industry, blending culinary artistry with business acumen.


You’re going to love my conversation with Chef Mike Haracz


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