1. Spiraling into Comedy with Leah Rudick Jeff Dwoskin 37:38

Multifaceted comedian and actress Leah Rudick gives us an insider’s look at her comedic journey, the creation of her new comedy special “Spiraling,” and her seamless dance between the worlds of acting and stand-up comedy. From her early days of overcoming shyness on stage to becoming a viral sensation on social media, Leah shares the milestones that have defined her unique path in the entertainment industry.


  • Early Beginnings: Leah recounts how stepping onto the stage in third grade transformed her from a shy kid into a confident performer, revealing the magic and power of live performance.
  • Creating “Spiraling”: Leah delves into the intense preparation and personal stories behind her first hour-long comedy special, shot in a single, exhilarating show at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.
  • Viral Success: With a candid look into the impact of social media on her career, Leah discusses how platforms like TikTok and Instagram have amplified her reach and connected her with a global audience.
  • Acting vs. Comedy: Leah reflects on her dual identity as an actor and comedian, exploring how each discipline informs and enriches the other.
  • Collaborations and Future Projects: Insight into Leah’s collaborations, including her work with her comedy duo and her aspirations for future projects in comedy and acting.


You’re going to love my conversation with Leah Rudick


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