1. Plunging 1000 feet to the Land of the Lost with Wesley Eure Jeff Dwoskin 52:32

Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Wesley Eure. In this episode, Wesley takes us on a journey through his remarkable career, starting from his iconic role in “Days of Our Lives” to the innovative “Land of the Lost.” Discover the behind-the-scenes magic of these classic shows, including Wesley’s unique anecdotes about working with legends like Redd Foxx. Wesley also shares his transition from acting to writing, revealing the creative process behind “Dragon Tales.” Don’t miss out on his heartwarming fan encounters and insights into the enduring legacy of his work.     My guest, Wesley Eure and I discuss:

  • The Beginning of a Stellar Career: Dive into Wesley’s early days in the entertainment industry, discussing his initial roles and the influences that shaped his career, including his memorable work in “Days of Our Lives.”
  • Behind the Scenes of ‘Land of the Lost’: Explore the fascinating world of “Land of the Lost,” as Wesley shares unique insights into the making of this classic show, its innovative techniques, and its surprising connection to “Star Trek.”
  • A Journey from Acting to Writing: Follow Wesley’s transition from acting to becoming a successful writer, especially his creation of the beloved children’s show “Dragon Tales” for PBS and his enchanting book, “The Red Wings of Christmas.”
  • Encounters with Legends and Fans: Hear Wesley recount his interactions with legendary figures like Lucille Ball and Redd Foxx, offering a glimpse into the lives of these iconic stars.
  • Fan Encounters and Enduring Legacy: Wesley shares heartwarming stories about his interactions with fans, reflecting on the lasting impact and cultural significance of his work, particularly “Land of the Lost.”
  • A Life Full of Surprises and Laughter: Enjoy the lighter side of Wesley’s career, as he shares amusing anecdotes and experiences, showcasing his delightful sense of humor and the joy he brings to his fans.


You’re going to love my conversation with Wesley Eure


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