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  1. Monique Reymond's Foley Artistry: The Hidden Symphony of Film and TV Jeff Dwoskin 44:55

Three-time Emmy Award winner, Monique Reymond shares her incredible journey as a Foley artist, giving us a peek behind the curtain of bringing sounds to life in film and television.


Show Highlights:    

  • Monique’s Introduction to Foley: Discover how Monique ventured into the unique world of Foley, creating sounds that bring movies and TV shows to life.
  • The Art of Sound Effects: Monique explains the intricate process of creating custom sound effects, from footsteps in a suspense scene to the crunch of stepping on a cockroach in “Fear Factor.”
  • Challenges and Triumphs: Learn about the challenges faced in Foley, such as replicating specific sounds and working with different directors and sound mixers.
  • Inside the Foley Studio: Monique takes us inside her studio, revealing a fascinating array of props and techniques used to mimic real-life sounds.
  • Foley in Animation vs. Live Action: Monique compares her experiences in creating Foley for animated series like “Sponge Bob” and live-action projects like “Mad Men”.
  • The Future of Foley: Insights into the evolving world of sound effects, the impact of technology on Foley artistry, and Monique’s perspective on the industry’s future.
  • Monique’s Projects Beyond Foley: Learn about Channel 1111, Monique’s initiative for creating conscious, uplifting entertainment.
  • A Game of ‘F***, Marry, Kill’: A light-hearted and entertaining segment where Monique shares details about her humorous FMK video series.
  • Late Breaking News – ARTranscends: The ART Initiative at Channel 1111: In a special announcement outside of the episode, Channel 1111 introduces ARTranscends, their pioneering ART Initiative. This project aims to create a virtual gallery showcasing artists from around the globe. Featured artworks will be included on merchandise, offering a blend of humanitarian impact, global exposure for artists, and innovative Fashion choices that transcend conventional brands.  


You’re going to love my conversation with Monique Reymond


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