1. Laughing All the Way to the Emmys with Marsha Posner Williams Jeff Dwoskin 48:10

Dive into a whirlwind of laughter, inspiration, and behind-the-scenes tales with two-time Emmy Award winner, Marsha Posner Williams. From her start as a speed-typing prodigy to producing some of the most beloved TV shows like “Soap,” “The Golden Girls,” and “Benson,” Marsha shares her journey through Hollywood’s golden era. Get ready for an episode filled with stories that inspire, entertain, and remind us of the power of persistence, humor, and a little bit of luck.



  • The Journey from Typing to Trophies: How Marsha’s incredible typing speed opened doors to a legendary career in television production.
  • Classics Behind the Classics: Unheard stories from the sets of “Soap” and “The Golden Girls,” including the challenges and triumphs of bringing these shows to life.
  • Laughter as a Lifeline: Marsha’s philosophy on humor, how it shaped her career, and why a good joke can be the secret to enduring the ups and downs of Hollywood.
  • Inspiring the Next Gen: Marsha’s advice to aspiring creatives on making it in the industry, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities, however small they may seem.


Marsha Posner Williams isn’t just a name in the credits; she’s a force of nature whose career is a testament to the impact of laughter, creativity, and Resilience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic TV shows or looking for the motivation to chase your dreams, Marsha’s insights and anecdotes will leave you inspired, entertained, and ready to take on the world.


You’re going to love my conversation with Marsha Posner Williams


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