1. Kathy Coleman on Life in and Beyond Land of the Lost Jeff Dwoskin 37:59

Kathy Coleman’s journey is not just a tale of a television star but a narrative of Resilience, nostalgia, and the enduring power of storytelling.  


  • A Nostalgic Journey: Kathy opens up about the bond shared by the 70s kids, reflecting on the era’s unique culture — from TV shows to music. Her insights offer a poignant look into a time of shared experiences and simpler joys.
  • The Essence of “Land of the Lost”: Delving into her iconic role, Kathy reminisces about the making of “Land of the Lost,” offering behind-the-scenes glimpses and her personal connections with the cast. She talks about the unique challenges and joys of working on this groundbreaking show.
  • From Auditions to Iconic Roles: Kathy shares the compelling story of her audition process for “Land of the Lost,” giving us a peek into the world of 1970s Hollywood. She describes the momentous journey from audition to becoming a part of a show that has remained a pop culture staple.
  • Relationships Beyond the Screen: A heartwarming account of her relationships with co-stars, particularly Spencer Milligan (Rick Marshall) and the bond they formed. She fondly recalls how these relationships transcended the screen and became a significant part of her life.
  • A Career Beyond “Land of the Lost”: Kathy discusses her diverse career, from commercials to working with notable names in the entertainment industry. Her experiences paint a vivid picture of the life of a child star in the 70s.
  • The Legacy and Influence: Reflecting on the lasting impact of “Land of the Lost,” Kathy talks about the show’s enduring legacy, its influence on pop culture, and the deep connections it forged with its audience.
  • About “Run, Holly, Run!” – Kathy Coleman’s Memoir: In her memoir “Run, Holly, Run!,” Kathy Coleman shares the vivid story of her life as “Holly” on “Land of the Lost” and beyond. This book offers an intimate glimpse into the making of a TV classic and Kathy’s journey through fame, friendships, and challenges, revealing her life post-show.


You’re going to love my conversation with Kathleen Coleman


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