1. Illeana Douglas Discusses Connecticut in the Movies Jeff Dwoskin 45:46

Illeana Douglas explores the rich cinematic history of Connecticut. From her book, “Connecticut in the Movies: From Dream Houses to Dark Suburbia,” Douglas unveils how films have shaped and sometimes misconstrued the state’s identity. She shares her unique criteria for selecting movies that truly represent Connecticut’s essence, debunking common misconceptions and highlighting unexpected cinematic cameos.  


  • Deep Dive into “Connecticut in the Movies”: Exploring the themes and stories behind her book, which examines Connecticut’s portrayal in cinema.
  • New Haven Pizza Discussion: Illeana shares her love for New Haven pizza, detailing the unique characteristics of coal-fired pizza and comparing local pizzerias like Pepe’s and Sally’s.
  • From Goodfellas to Cape Fear: Reflecting on Illeana’s illustrious career in films such as “Goodfellas” and “Cape Fear,” and how these experiences have influenced her writing.
  • Exploration of “Connecticut in the Movies”: Illeana Douglas shares her inspiration for writing the book, aiming to highlight Connecticut’s underappreciated cinematic contributions.
  • Cinematic Road Trip Through Connecticut: Discussing the criteria for selecting films that authentically represent Connecticut’s culture, history, and people.
  • Debunking Common Misconceptions: Illeana clarifies why certain popular films, like “Beetlejuice,” were not included, emphasizing the importance of genuine Connecticut settings.
  • Connecticut Cameos in Cinema: A fascinating look at movies that feature Connecticut in unexpected ways, such as Barry Levinson’s film that’s set in Hollywood but filmed in Connecticut.
  • Personal Selection Process: Douglas explains her personal and eclectic approach to choosing films for the book, focusing on movies that offer a true reflection of Connecticut and merit a second look.

Join us for this captivating journey through the silver screen’s portrayal of Connecticut, as seen through the eyes of one of its most passionate advocates.


You’re going to love my conversation with Illeana Douglas


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