1. Dinah Manoff's Real True Hollywood Story Jeff Dwoskin 47:21

Dinah Manoff, renowned for her roles in “Grease,” “Empty Nest,” and “Soap,” shares her fascinating journey in Hollywood, reflecting on her diverse acting and directing career. Dinah also dives into her book “The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold.”  

  • The Hollywood Beginning: Dinah reflects on her upbringing in a star-studded family and how it shaped her career.
  • Iconic Roles: A look back at her memorable performances, including the sassy Marty Maraschino in “Grease.”
  • Beyond the Screen: Insights into her roles on TV, particularly the hit sitcoms “Soap” and “Empty Nest.”
  • The Director’s Chair: Exploring Dinah’s journey from acting to directing – the challenges and triumphs.
  • The Novel Venture: Deep dive into her book, “The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold” – the inspiration and process behind her writing.
  • Life Lessons: Dinah shares personal anecdotes and the wisdom she’s gained through her diverse experiences.


You’re going to love my conversation with Dinah Manoff


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