1. How Many Bank Accounts? Ross Anderson, CFP® and Daniel Messeca, CFP® 24:38

This week we share our system for how many savings accounts to use so that you can accurately track your savings and spending guilt-free at the same time. If you've had trouble keeping your savings organized, this episode is for you!

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Daniel Messeca Financial Planner

Daniel’s grandmother helped him buy his first shares of Coca Cola when he was just eight years old, igniting a lifelong interest in investing. A graduate with a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, Daniel chose a career in financial services to apply his passion for investing and strategic planning. Daniel possesses expertise in insurance planning, especially as it relates to life insurance and annuity contracts. Daniel’s background in the insurance industry makes him particularly adept at analyzing existing policies and evaluating new proposals.

In 2016, Daniel co-founded Crooked Crab Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in Odenton, MD. The experience of planning, financing and operating a company makes him an informed planner for business owners.

Daniel lives in Maryland with his wife, daughter and a rambunctious hound dog who shows no signs of aging. He plays guitar in his free time and will always take time to talk about music with whomever will listen.