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Relationship Woes and Laughs: Navigating Love and Communication with Raquel Reis

  1. Relationship Woes and Laughs: Navigating Love and Communication with Raquel Reis 1:01:34

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In this heartwarming episode of “Casa de Confidence,” host Julie DeLuca-Collins invites relationship coach Raquel Reis to share her wisdom on nurturing relationships. Raquel, blending science with soul, offers listeners a deep dive into the art of connection, emphasizing the joy of partnership and the power of positive shifts. With practical tips and relatable insights, the episode is a treasure trove for anyone seeking to strengthen bonds with loved ones. Whether you're mending a partnership or enriching a strong one, Raquel's guidance, peppered with Julie's engaging conversation, feels like advice from a girlfriend you can trust.

  • Raquel Reis's journey and expertise in relationship Coaching
  • Discussion about relationships, communication, and personal growth
  • Importance of understanding differences between men and women in relationships
  • Significance of communication in relationships
  • Role of personal responsibility in fostering healthy connections
  • Impact of perspective and mindset on relationships
  • Insights from Raquel's personal and professional journey
  • Emphasis on perspective, partnership, fun, pleasure, commitment, and personal responsibility in building thriving relationships
  • Addressing the question of whether it's too late to work on a relationship
  • Offer of workshops and free consultations for individuals and couples

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Julie DeLucca-Collins Author, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster

Julie is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, and author dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses.

With a passion for helping women establish and expand their brands, Julie has become a trusted advisor for many women. Certified in Tiny Habits, Julie leverages her expertise to guide individuals toward positive behavioral changes that lead to lasting success.

Her coaching expertise extends beyond this domain, as she is also a Thrive Global Certified coach, providing holistic guidance to her clients whenever they need it. Julie's impressive achievements include publishing her book in September 2021, quickly soaring to the top of multiple categories, earning the coveted #1 spot.

Building on this success, she is currently preparing to release the audiobook version and already has plans for future publications. As a dynamic speaker, Julie has captivated audiences with her insightful talks and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. She delivered her first TEDx Talk at the TEDx MellenStreet in November 2023.

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