1. Ep. 566 w/ Matt Johnner President of Participate 42:43

Redefining the Landscape with Participate.

At Participate, we seamlessly blend the age-old tradition of banking with the dynamic pulse of technology, revolutionizing both syndications and participations in the financial world.

We Stand For…

Inclusive Banking: From syndications to participations, we equip financial institutions to handle loans of all sizes, broadening their horizons and unlocking unprecedented opportunities.

Democratized Lending: Whether it’s a sizable syndication or a modest loan, we ensure that every transaction is executed with precision, enabling banks to expand their portfolio without limitations.

Digital Prowess: Our platform’s real-time, cloud-based capabilities streamline processes, ensuring efficiency without compromising on reliability.

Relationships at the Core: In the age of automation, we prioritize human connections, understanding that the essence of banking is rooted in trust and collaboration.

Staying Ahead: The financial realm is ever-evolving. Participate ensures institutions remain at the forefront, equipped with cutting-edge tools tailored to their needs.

Community Champions: Drawing inspiration from our parent, BankLabs, we’re dedicated to fortifying community-driven banking. With Participate, institutions can face modern challenges while upholding their foundational values.

Embrace the future of finance with Participate – Where every loan, big or small, gets the spotlight it deserves.


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I continue to champion superior user experiences and maintain a relentless focus on achieving my goals in all of my ventures. I have been a contributor to the open-source community on FOLIO, and I co-host a monthly tech meetup in my hometown of Edmonton called Nerds Night Out.