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Jorge Arango on Extending Your Mind Through Better Note Taking

  1. Jorge Arango on Extending Your Mind Through Better Note Taking Erik Fisher 49:42

This week it was my pleasure to speak with Jorge Arango about his latest book, Duly Noted: Extend Your Mind Through Connected Notes. Jorge is an information architect, author, and educator. For almost three decades, he has architected digital experiences and made the complex clear for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to nonprofits. He is the author of “Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places” and co-author of “Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond.” In addition to his design consulting practice, Jorge hosts “The Informed Life” podcast, writes a blog, and teaches at the California College of the Arts.

In this chat, we’ll explore how capturing and organizing thoughts extends beyond traditional note-taking into forming a digital “knowledge garden,” where ideas can flourish and interconnect. Jorge will delve into the cognitive science behind why notes are not just for memory, but crucial for thinking, emphasizing the role of the environment in processing information. He’ll also guide us through various taxonomies for organizing information and discuss practical tools like Obsidian, Notion, and Apple Notes that can help manage our mental landscapes effectively. Get ready to learn about leveraging digital tools for building a lasting knowledge repository, the importance of nurturing our thoughts to foster innovation and clarity, and why developing a system you trust for note-taking can transform the chaos of information overload into a structured haven of insights. 


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Erik Fisher is the producer and host of the Beyond The To-Do List Podcast for over 11 years. Erik has talked with productivity experts as they share how they implement productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives. His mission is to explore all aspects of productivity as a means towards the true end goal: living a meaningful life.

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