1. From Teen Mom to Successful Coach: One Woman’s Journey” with Leslie Holthoff author of “Not Mary, Not Roe: The Survival Story of a Reluctant Teen Mom Dr Brad Miller 49:39

Leslie is a CDC-certified Divorce coach and CDC Transition and Recovery Coach. She is also the author of Not Mary Not Roe and the owner of Leslie Hope Coaching, LLC.

Leslie Hope Coaching, LLC has the mission to guide people from the pain of divorce to finding hope and happiness in life. With the hope and happiness method, You can create an action plan for who you want to be after your divorce.

Furthermore, she is also a Doctoral Candidate in Doctor of Public Policy and Administration at Walden University.

In this episode, Leslie shared her divorce journey, her actions to move forward, and how she helped other people get through the pain of divorce.

Leslie had been through the worse in her life. At the early age of 15, she got pregnant. At 26, she experienced a horrible divorce and became a single mom with two sons.

But through the guilt, embarrassment, shame, and failure that she felt, Leslie did not waver and let her emotions drown her. Instead, she uses those negative emotions as a motivation to get back on track in life and find hope and happiness.

Now Leslie has a Coaching business where she uses the things she learned to help other people overcome the pain of divorce.

Leslie also tells her story of how God helped her to stand back on his feet. During the time when the adversity she was going through was too much, Leslie talked to God for the first time n many years, and she immediately felt at peace. And within three months, a sequence of good things happen in her life.

Moreover, Leslie tells how she helps others who are divorced or those who are struggling with co-parenting.

Leslie Holthoff’s story is an inspirational and spiritual story of one who goes through the adversity of being pregnant at an early age and experiences the pain of divorce. But eventually, get back into life with the help of God.

This episode of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is a teenager pregnant, divorced, or in the process of divorce, and single parents struggling to raise their kids. This story reminds you that whatever adversity you face, even if it began at an early age, is not the end of your life, and there will always be a way for you to enjoy and find happiness in life.

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