1. The Journey From Grief to Healing with Katherine Barner Keith Haney 37:19

When Grief crashes over us, how do we stay afloat? Let's wade through the turbulent waters of Grief and mourning with Katherine Barner, who offers a poignant voice in Grief and trauma. Katherine's personal narrative of loss and professional expertise serves as a beacon for those adrift in the ocean of Grief. In her words, she offers solace and understanding, reminding us that the journey through sorrow is as individual as fingerprints.

The purpose of this conversation is to embrace the heart, emphasizing the need for patience and self-compassion as we traverse our unique healing paths. The myths that shroud Grief in unnecessary pain are unearthed, such as the idea that Grief has a standard duration or that continuing sorrow implies indifference. Rather, we believe deeply loved people grieve profoundly. As we share memories, we illustrate how the presence of a friend often speaks louder than words.

Our heart-to-heart concludes with Katherine, aka Mrs. Kat Speaks, illuminating the often obscure path to hope and renewal. Katherine urges us to seek out the tiny yet potent glimmers of light that penetrate the darkness, no matter how painful the loss of a loved one, the rupture of a relationship, or any of life's other countless losses may be. In her online community, she invites listeners to continue the conversation. We invite you to celebrate Katherine's indomitable Resilience and vulnerability. Don't forget to like, share, and leave a review.

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