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June 10th, 2024

From Darkness to Light: Kari's Journey of Faith, Resilience, and Redemption

  1. From Darkness to Light: Kari's Journey of Faith, Resilience, and Redemption Keith Haney 37:16

When Kari, a certified pastry chef with roots deep in faith and creativity, joins us, she offers more than just a recipe for a perfect soufflé. She serves up a slice of her life, revealing how a childlike trust in the spiritual can unlock a treasure of new insights every time we engage with the sacred texts. Kari's anecdotes weave through her culinary heritage, paying homage to the women who seasoned her character with care and mentorship, demonstrating the undeniable impact that family leadership has on personal growth.

The tapestry of our conversation with Kari's rich with the threads of Resilience and redemption. As she opens up about her turbulent past, from her teenage years marked by an abortion and a subsequent healing retreat to her childhood involvement with the Hare Krishna movement, listeners are invited into an intimate space of vulnerability and triumph. This episode navigates through the waters of trauma to the shores of hope, painting a portrait of a life that, while battered by storms, is anchored firmly in the bedrock of faith.

Kari's literary offering, “Suicidal, No More: Finding Peace Through the Storm,” acts as a beacon for those navigating their own tempests. As she reflects on the metamorphosis from skepticism to a faith-filled existence, she shares how her story has reached others through the connective power of social media. This episode is not just a conversation; it's a testament to the human spirit's capacity to find light in the darkest of places and how one's belief can be both a shield and a guiding star.

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I am a servant-leader who is adept at wearing multiple hats. In addition to hosting a captivating podcast and writing a thought-provoking blog, Keith brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I have over 30 years of experience in church leadership, project management, and recruiting top professionals. His passion for ministry outreach shines through in every podcast episode and every blog post he writes.

Known for taking a collaborative approach I share insights and inspiring stories throughout my podcast episodes and blog posts.

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