1. Crafting a Life of Purpose with Insights from Colin Kingsmill Keith Haney 38:56

From Swiss banking precision to the insightful wisdom of human-centric Coaching, Colin Kingsmill joins us to unravel the tapestry of a life well-lived. His narrative captures a transformative quest from the meticulous corridors of finance to the soul-enriching fields of real estate development and life Coaching. In this episode, Colin opens up about the profound impact that meditation and mindfulness have had on his journey, crediting visionaries like Gabor Maté and Martha Beck for guiding him towards an authentic existence. He underscores the pivotal moments that carved his path to fulfillment and how, through mentorship and deep self-reflection, we all can steer towards our true purpose.

Our dialogue with Colin ventures beyond the surface as we probe into the nuanced world of holistic Coaching, an approach that respects the complex tapestry of personal and professional life. We confront the shortcomings of compartmentalized Coaching techniques and advocate for a more integrated perspective that considers the totality of one's experiences. We dissect the stories we tell ourselves, sifting out those that hinder from those that empower, and Colin shares strategies to remain grounded amidst the relentless surge of current events. It's a conversation that promises to reframe your own origin story, challenging you to reshape your beliefs and embrace the boundless opportunities of a life unchained from self-imposed narratives.

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