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May 15th, 2024

Richard Maverick – Our War – Volume I and II

  1. Richard Maverick - Our War - Volume I and II Travis Davis 32:20

Richard Maverick is the author of the Our War series, which follows one man’s journey through the next American Civil war. The books are set in the present time and near future, with no specific dates mentioned. The series is kept non-political, focusing on the story rather than the cause and effect of the war. Richard is currently working on volume three and has plans for a spinoff with a character introduced in volume two. He also mentioned working on a new project, a psycho-thriller. The conversation covers topics such as word count and page count for novels, marketing strategies for books, frustrations with social media platforms like Facebook, self-publishing through BookBaby, and creative ways to promote books.

Travis Davis Author and Podcaster
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