1. Jeffery Higgins - The Forever Game Travis Davis 39:35

In this conversation, host Travis Davis interviews author Jeffrey James Higgins, who has a background in law enforcement and counterterrorism. They discuss Higgins’ career and experiences, as well as his writing process and the challenges of timing in writing about contemporary issues. They also explore the impact of artificial intelligence on society and the literary community. Higgins shares his insights on marketing and the future of AI in literature. In this conversation, Travis Davis and Jeffrey James Higgins discuss various topics related to writing and publishing. They explore the role of AI in business decision-making and the importance of human emotion and empathy. They also touch on ethical and moral questions surrounding AI and discuss the plot of Jeffrey’s thriller book. The conversation delves into life-extending technologies, the relevance of the book to current times, and the thrill of researching for books. They also discuss the challenges of introducing characters in a series and the importance of finishing a book. The conversation concludes with a discussion on marketing strategies and the pitfalls of predatory publishing practices.

Travis Davis Author and Podcaster