1. Brett Allen - Sly Fox Hollow - Author - Veteran Travis Davis 34:38

Brett Allen, a former Army officer turned author, joins Travis Davis on the Alter Ecke podcast. Brett shares his background in the military and how he transitioned to a writing career. He discusses his writing process, genre preferences, and his latest book, Sly Fox Hollow. Brett also talks about his marketing challenges as a self-published author and the potential benefits of traditional publishing. He shares his research methods for historical fiction and reflects on the impact of his military experience on his writing. Finally, Brett discusses his hobbies and where listeners can find his books.


  • Transitioning from a military career to writing requires perseverance and a passion for storytelling.
  • Self-publishing offers creative freedom but requires effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.
  • Research is crucial for historical fiction, and accuracy adds depth and authenticity to the story.
  • Military experience can provide inspiration for writing, but it may not always translate directly into serious or non-humorous content.
  • Maintaining a balanced life and engaging in hobbies outside of writing is essential for overall well-being.

Travis Davis Author and Podcaster