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AT#989 – Travel to Newport, Rhode Island

  1. AT#989 - Travel to Newport, Rhode Island Chris Christensen 52:24

Hear about travel to Newport, Rhode Island as the Amateur Traveler talks to Phil Roberson about this city that was one of the 5 largest in the American colonies. 

Why should you visit Newport?

Phile says, “There’s a lot of reasons to want to come here, but if you love the ocean, if you love the Gilded Age kind of life if you love history, especially, there’s just a lot to see in Newport.”

Based on Phil’s detailed description of Newport, Rhode Island, here’s a recommendation for a week-long trip to Newport, including various activities, historical sites, dining options, and outdoor adventures.

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

  • Morning: Arrive in Newport, and settle into your accommodation.
  • Afternoon: Take the Daily Newport Trolley Tour for an overview of the city and its major attractions.
  • Evening: Dine at The Mooring Seafood Kitchen and Bar Restaurant on the wharf.

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Chris is the creator of Amateur Traveler is a popular online travel podcast and blog that focuses primarily on travel destinations. The Amateur Traveler podcast was downloaded over 2 million times in 2023.

The Amateur Traveler is 18+ years old and they use Amateur Traveler to teach English at Oxford University and to test English proficiency for employment with the Thailand Foreign Ministry.

Chris has won a Lowell Thomas Award, 5 NATJA awards, and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure as the "best independent travel journalist."

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