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April 15th, 2024

JESSIE LIZAK – Cold Email Tech Stack 101

  1. JESSIE LIZAK - Cold Email Tech Stack 101 Mark Savant / Jessie Lizak 20:52

Jessie Lizak is a fractional CMO and marketing consultant. She is founder & CEO of Reveting, a company dedicated to empowering both individuals and teams in building and elevating their personal brands, with a special focus on LinkedIn and Live Streaming.

Today, Jessie walks us through avoiding email landmines that could sabotage your domain reputation, taps into the latest multi-domain sending tools, and reveals how artificial intelligence can amp up your email game. Get ready to level up your sales with strategies that keep you out of the spam folder and in front of your ideal customers.


  1. Protect your primary domain.
  2. Personalization at scale.
  3. Manage your leads wisely.

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00:00 Cold email, LinkedIn branding, audience connection strategies.
05:25 Maximize inbox delivery and relevance for legitimacy.
07:35 AI tools pull data to customize messaging.
11:37 Utilizing Lead Magic and Apollo for enrichment.
15:24 Sending short cold emails pitching podcast production.
17:58 Focus on positive replies for higher response rate.
20:13 Planning to expand, follow on LinkedIn.


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Mark is focused on revolutionizing podcasts by combining AI, automation, and human power. He helps podcasters implement cutting edge technology into their workflows and save massive amounts of time. He is the founder of podcast production agency Mark Savant Media, host of After Hours Entrepreneur, and leader of the After Hours Entrepreneur Mastermind.

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