1. COLIN CAMPBELL - Mastering the Art of Starting, Scaling, and Exiting Businesses Mark Savant / Colin Campbell 22:03

Colin Campbell is a highly successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in starting, scaling, and exiting multiple companies. Throughout his career, he has successfully taken several companies public, gaining recognition for his exceptional business acumen. In 2012, Campbell was invited to speak at MIT in the prestigious Masters of Business program led by Bernd Harsh. 

Welcome to another episode of After Hours Entrepreneur! In today's episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Colin C. Campbell, the author of Start, Scale, Exit, Repeat, and the founder of one of the largest clubs on Clubhouse. 

Colin opens up about his entrepreneurial journey, sharing insights from his experience of starting, scaling, exiting, and repeating businesses. He delves into the power of AI and how it is revolutionizing the business landscape. 

Join us as we explore the strategies and techniques behind successful entrepreneurship and how AI can play a crucial role in driving growth and efficiency. So grab your headphones and get ready to learn some valuable tips and tricks from Colin Campbell.


  1. The role of systems in overcoming challenges and achieving growth.
  2. The potential of AI to accelerate business growth and productivity.
  3. Applying AI to content creation and marketing.


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