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April 8th, 2024

ANATOLIY LABINSKY – AI in your Marketing Tech Stack

Anatoliy Labinskiy, a four-time Two Comma Club award recipient, is owner of GSM Growth Agency, as well as a co-founder of As the host of the Ecom Business Stream Podcast, Anatoliy shares real-life success stories, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in the e-commerce landscape.

In this episode, Anatoliy explains how AI is reshaping the e-commerce marketing landscape for health businesses. We explore how and where to add artificial intelligence into our tech stack, specifically in marketing.

Want to sell more online? You need a technical advantage, and this episode is going to give you ideas on what is working now.

1. Harness AI for Competitive Edge
2. Innovate with Automation
3. Keep Learning and Adapting

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00:00 Identify niche, and target audience, and analyze Amazon reviews.
05:47 Integrate data with Excel for detailed demographic analysis.
09:33 Incredible CRM software called Gohelelevel is described.
11:02 Using CRM for SMS and callings bottleneck.
15:46 Send soft welcome emails with value only.
19:38 Struggling with emails, creativity wins in marketing.
23:06 Chatbot aids in healthcare and sales process.
25:46 Adapt and manage decisions in changing times.
32:36 University networking is crucial for future success.
36:49 AI platform tracks sales and surpasses competitors’ pricing.
39:31 Compete with low prices and understand customer needs.
42:04 Efficient, affordable marketing automation for new businesses.
44:24 Attribution, cash flow, and affordable solutions for startups.

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Mark is focused on revolutionizing podcasts by combining AI, automation, and human power. He helps podcasters implement cutting edge technology into their workflows and save massive amounts of time. He is the founder of podcast production agency Mark Savant Media, host of After Hours Entrepreneur, and leader of the After Hours Entrepreneur Mastermind.

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