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Transform your home with Switch Shield Light Switch Covers

Upgrade your home with Switch Shield Light Switch Covers! Say goodbye to accidental light switches turning on/off with this easy-to-install product.
A Switch Shield clear protective switch cover is a plastic cover that fits over a light switch to prevent it from being accidentally turned on or off. They are typically made of clear plastic so that they blend in with the surrounding decor.

Here are a couple of reasons a Caregiver might use a Switch Shield:

* Prevent Accidental Turn Off: A Switch Shield can prevent a loved one from accidentally turning off a light, especially important lights like nightlights or hallway lights.

* Maintain Essential Lighting or Equipment: In some cases, caregivers might use Switch Shields to ensure specific lights or appliances stay on. For example, a fish tank might require a light to stay on a certain schedule, or a medical device might be plugged into a switch that can’t be accidentally turned off.

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Cindy graduated in 1992 with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St Louis, MO. The majority of her career has been spent in Home Healthcare. Her passion is to assist people in maintaining their independence, especially when it makes the difference in their ability to remain in their home.

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