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June 11th, 2024

S4E69: [Chris Corinthian] Navigating Financial Literacy and Success in College

  1. S4E69: [Chris Corinthian] Navigating Financial Literacy and Success in College Anthony Weaver 1:24:29

In this enlightening episode of ABOUT THAT WALLET, host Anthony Weaver sits down with Chris, a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Financial Literacy 101 for College Students.” Dive into Chris’s journey from his early encounters with money to his mission of educating students on financial literacy. This episode is packed with actionable advice, heartwarming stories, and practical strategies to help students and parents navigate the complex world of finance.

Join us as we discuss:
Chris’s first memorable experiences with money and the lessons learned.
The importance of scholarships and how to effectively apply for them.
Strategies for budgeting and managing money as a college student.
Creative ways to generate income while in school, leveraging skills and passions. The significance of investing in yourself and the power of leveraging systems for financial growth.

Chris shares invaluable insights on how students can avoid student loans, find scholarships, and even make money while still in school. He emphasizes the importance of Resilience, learning from failures, and continuously adapting to achieve financial success.

00:00:00 – We have to remember there is no failure, only feedback
00:01:10 – Intro
00:05:52 – Make money while in school using scholarships
00:12:31 – Refund checks
00:12:59 – Pell grants
00:18:41 – Sallie Mae
00:20:29 – Apply for at least 100 scholarships
00:24:15 – Have you made an impact
00:28:20 – Most people aren’t applying for scholarships
00:35:51 – Pay yourself first method
00:41:13 – Inflation
00:47:22 – GI bill
00:51:10 – Growing that money while in college
01:00:11 – Feedback or losses as lessons
01:09:59 – Final 4 questions

Discover more about Chris and his financial literacy journey:
Instagram: @thefinlitguy

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DISCLAIMER: The content in this audio is for educational purposes only. Conduct your own research and make the best choice for you. If you need advice, contact a qualified professional.
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Meet Anthony, a Baltimore City College alum from the east side. As a Morgan State undergrad, he realized money is simple; it's people who complicate it. Anthony hosts "About That Wallet," a financial podcast discussing pitfalls, paycheck struggles, abundance mindsets, and generational wealth. With diverse guests, he shares practical tips and personal anecdotes to empower listeners. Tune in on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite platform for transformative insights into financial freedom with Anthony as your guide.

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