1. S4E55: [Virginia Elder] Podcasting 101 for 2024 Anthony Weaver 30:30

Virginia shares some major shifts happening in the podcasting world and offers great advice for monetizing – from affiliate links to sponsorships. Focus on products you actually know and love for authenticity. And if you’re just starting out, her top 3 podcasting tips may help you kick things off on the right foot. I think you’ll find Virginia’s wisdom helpful if you want to start or improve your podcast! Let me know what you think or if you have any other questions.

In this episode, you will be able to:

– Master the art of launching a successful podcast in 2023 and stand out in the crowded pod-sphere.

– Unlock effective financial Coaching strategies to level up your game and help others take charge of their finances.

– Discover the secrets of monetizing podcasts through affiliate links to boost your earnings and reach.

– Craft episode titles and descriptions that skyrocket your podcast’s visibility and attract more eager ears.

– Navigate the transition to a CEO role in business and lead with confidence and savvy.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Importance of Episode Titles and Descriptions 

00:01:33 – Setting Bold Business Goals 

00:04:59 – Journey towards Abundance 

00:06:31 – Evolution of Podcasting 

00:14:21 – Essential Starting Point for Podcasting 

00:18:37 – Staying Up-to-Date in the Podcast Industry 

00:20:17 – Editing Styles in Podcasting 

00:22:36 – Transitioning to a CEO Role 

00:24:35 – What Wealth Means to Virginia 

00:25:43 – Learning from Financial Mistakes 

Check out Virginia: 

https://PodcastAbundance.com – Visit the website to learn more about podcasting, editing services, and resources for starting and growing a successful podcast.

Instagram @podcastabundance – Follow on Instagram for valuable tips, insights, and updates on podcasting, content creation, and business growth.


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