Shannon Lee-Sin has a beautiful smile!  In fact, in my opinion that smile indicates that she is ready to embrace and enjoy, the life that has fought so hard for!

Shannon trusted her own instincts, and fights like her life depends on it it everyday!

I had the great pleasure and honor to meet Shannon in person at Tim Sohn’s Showing Up Perspectives On Cancer live event.

Shannon is now the regular co-host of Tim’s show, which is every Wednesday at 8pm est.

Shannon loves and embraces her new life!  Here are Shannon’s links:

Instagram is @shansamlee

Please join us for this inspirational interview!

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I am a stage 4 prostate, bone, and lung cancer patient/thriver. I have been battling cancer since early 2021. I have a Youtube channel called @2byourownhero. I always look to inspire people to appreciate their life, and appreciate their health.