With this video, I am truly humbled and grateful!

I have been alluding to some major life changes and I am sharing it in this video.

Back in 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate, bone, and lung cancer. My Oncologist told me, "Your Cancer is so bad that I can’t cure you. I suggest that you get your affairs in order".

Those words were indeed chilling!

However, with incredible help from so many people, including all of you, the YouTube community, the LinkedIn, and Rumble communities, and by the Grace of God, I am still here!

In this video, I share a truly life changing month for myself and my family.

Please join me!

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I am a stage 4 prostate, bone, and lung cancer patient/thriver. I have been battling cancer since early 2021. I have a Youtube channel called @2byourownhero. I always look to inspire people to appreciate their life, and appreciate their health.