Today we are going to talk about Marc’s newest project his website . Marc is an accomplished, highly instrumental & ambitious Top Executive Leader with 30 years of experience in delivering fiscal, strategic, & operations leadership in challenging situations. Skillful in launching sales & marketing programs generating record-setting revenues with expertise in presentation, negotiation & communication skills as well as adept at analyzing market & competitive condition & laying out a product vision that is differentiated & delivers unique value based on customer demands. For e-commerce sales, for B2B marketing, for retail merchandising, Marc works with venture capital & private equity.

Arianna Huffington had read his book and then asked him to become a contributor to The Huffington Post.

Marc has written a number of books the most recent being a new children’s book, “I Don’t Want To Turn 3” under his pen name “Gramps Jeffrey”. In his book he discusses his interactions with his grandkids.

Now he and his business Co-Founders at are taking on the joys and challenges facing Baby Boomers.

Marc Joseph Professional Author

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