Author: Judith Sherven, PhD/Jim Sniechowski, PhD

Reviewed By: Dotsie Bregel

The Heart Of Marketing: Love Your Customers And They Will Love You Back &Raquo; 155 Bbook Photo

Placing love in the mix of marketing may sound corny, but it works. According to the authors, it’s when we add love and concern that marketing becomes authentic. Their approach has more to do with opening a relationship than closing a sale. In this day and age of dog eat dog marketing, I am refreshed by their techniques.

As founders of the Bridging Heart and Marketing Internet Marketing Conferences, Judith and Jim share their expertise of the most up to date venues for marketing. In their book they offer what’s at the core of soft-sell marketing and how to do so, step-by-step. Examples such as using ad copy that speaks from the seller’s heart to the heart-felt needs of the buyer. The desire is to focus on being connected and interdependent with potential clients.

I recommend their book to anyone who is interested in selling with a conscience. You will be moved by this sales approach that is heart centered and ethical.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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