Author: Richard Atkinson and Jane Scandurra

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Single – A Video Documentary About Single Life In America &Raquo; 138 Bbook Photo

The burgeoning number of single men and women in the US is indicative of changing gender roles, societal norms, and shift in the economic benefits of marriage. A thoughtful and informative approach to understanding the transformation comes by way of Atkinson and Scandurro’s Single , a video documentary about single life in America.

Featured throughout the 73-minute film are thought-provoking interviews with various professionals: sociologists, psychiatrists, and professors of political science making it an excellent tool for understanding relationship trends.

Single men and women talk openly about living in a “marriage-minded society” and the pressures and expectations that go along with it. While they revel in the extra time and space they have, they admit that “singledom” gets lonely. In an effort to meet other singles many have utilized online dating services but the few young professionals interviewed believed the best way to meet people was still simply going out and having fun with other friends.

The film is well-done. Footage and topic parallel nicely. The choice of background music keeps the film upbeat and fluid. In 73 minutes the documentary covers a multitude of issues and is to be appreciated for its comprehensive style.

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