Author: Nancy Gotter Gates

Reviewed By: Sand Castles

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Author Nancy Gotter Gates is no stranger to weaving stories of murder, mayhem, and intrigue. Sand Castles, however, was a different route for this seasoned author, and a heart-warming one at that.

Baby Boomer Ginny went from home to marriage with nothing in between. Her 38-year marriage had given her one son, a work-alcoholic husband who made all of the decisions for both of them, a handful of friends, doting siblings, but not much else. Saying her life’s routine was cast in stone is an understatement.

This all changed when a fall resulting in knee surgery accidentally revealed her adored husband had been unfaithful in years past. His answer to the “problem” after a forced Retirement, was selling their home in the North and Moving them, lock, stock, and barrel, to Florida.

With a bruised heart refusing to recover and being thrust into a cold and unfriendly environment, fate steps in suddenly, and for the first time in her life, Ginny has choices to make on her own. Is an affair looming on the horizon with a new friend and poet? Will her husband turned from his new found hobbies to notice her and save their marriage? No longer can she lean on her husband to pave the wave and make things right again.

Sand Castles, whether built in the air, our minds, or literally in the sand, can be washed away with the tide if the wrong choices are made. The story is intriguing, satisfying, and poignant. Women can and will identify with her strengths, her weaknesses, and ultimately, the power of love. Author Gates said to the world in this story…tell me I matter.

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