Author: P C McCullough

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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P C McCullough, author of Perfect, gives us the tale of middle-aged Miranda who is searching for meaning in her life. Miranda sets to work rearranging and discarding the pieces of her life that aren’t working but in the process becomes disillusioned and confused. Fortunately for Miranda her predicament is nothing that a good therapist and supportive friends won’t cure and she draws from both of them the strength to keep searching for happiness. The undertaking of new endeavors and projects is seldom easy; Miranda’s experience is no exception.

McCullough spins an often-told story about the discontent that accompanies Midlife; her characters wade through it to the best of their abilities. Miranda’s dilemma is a plausible one; women in the throes of change, the struggle to know themselves, the interruption of the patterns that have limited growth will surely find much to indentify with in McCullough’s Perfect.

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