Dr. Patricia Rogers is the CEO of Unity In Service, Inc., a retired Corrections Lieutenant who completed twenty-nine (29) years in law enforcement, trained thousands of employees to excel in their careers, and completed twelve years (12) years in the US Army. She is a graduate of St. Thomas University. Dr. Rogers discovered her gifts, & talents, and turned them into a business. She has positioned herself as a Visibility Strategist | Business Consultant | 2x Winning International Public Speaker | International Best-Selling Author & Virtual Event Coordinator and podcast Interview Host. Her “Inspirational Breakthrough System” will show you strategies that will assist you in making an impact when you show up on social media, enhance your confidence, and assist you in focusing through challenges while discovering your true purpose. Her zone of genius is setting a platform for you to speak, while Unity In Service, fills the seats!

Key Points:

  1. Dr. Patricia Rogers has an extensive background in law enforcement, the U.S. Army, and is a graduate of St. Thomas University.
  2. She has become a visibility strategist, international public speaker, business coach, and virtual event coordinator, helping entrepreneurs gain visibility and sell their products, hosting over 35 online events since the pandemic, pivoting from live conferences, and finding success in the virtual space.
  3. Building relationships and networking are essential for branding and business success, as people tend to invest in individuals they know and like. She encourages everyone to get up, suit up, and show up so as to increase visibility.
  4. Joining organizations and communities, such as the Women’s Prosperity Network and Bill Walsh’s International Power Team, can lead to valuable connections and opportunities for growth. Investing in oneself and consistently participating in programs offered by organizations can bring individuals closer to their goals.
  5. Establishing partnerships and building a strong team, like Dr. Rogers’ collaboration with Track Two Digital, can build profitable relationships and provide essential support in areas such as graphic design, website management, and video creation.
  6. Emphasizing the importance of mutual support in partnerships, Dr. Rogers stresses that success is more likely for those who invest in others and work together. Trust and relationship-building are especially important in the online world, where visibility and personal connections are crucial for success.
  7. Her experience with the Women’s Prosperity Network exemplifies how a successful business relationship can positively impact personal growth and business development.

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Yvonne A Jones Customer Relations Specialist

Yvonne A Jones is a wife, mother, and grandmother and at 52 years of age she handed in her resignation and walked away from Corporate America to start her own business full-time.

She is a Personal Business Coach | Relationship Marketing Strategist| Amazon Best-Selling Author| International Speaker. She is the Founder of the 50 and Wiser Community on Facebook – a Group of women who want to DO more, GIVE more, and BE more.

She was listed on HuffingtonPost.com as one of the “Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter” and on GetApp.com: “One of the Top 15 Most Influential Customer Service Experts to Follow on Twitter.” Yvonne’s mantra: “Focus on relationships; the money will follow.

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