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Life Lessons from Pepper, my rescue cat

How is it possible for a creature to embody both dependency and independence, love and distance, all within a single day? Meet Pepper, my rescue cat, resembling a petite Maine Coon with her brown and black fur and a delightful fluffy, orangey tummy.

Every night, Pepper follows a familiar routine. As I settle down with a book, she stares up at me from the floor. Soon enough, she is up on the bed, and she positions herself between my eyes and the book, ensuring her presence isn’t overlooked. After a few turns, she snugly settles right under my chin, allowing me to continue reading.

However, when the light is turned off, Pepper prefers a bit of distance. She relocates to my legs, tenderly finding them under the blankets, before reclining there.

Come morning, she’s back up by my face, gently petting me awake. Despite her claws, he knows to softly and delicately pet my face to wake me up. She is ready for breakfast.

Know what you want and be comfortable getting it.

In her own way, Pepper demonstrates clarity in knowing what she wants. She knows she wants to be close while I am awake. She appreciates her space in the dark. In the morning, she knows she wants her breakfast and is gentle, yet insistent about asking for it.

Around 3:00 PM, after a long nap, Pepper strolls into my office, marking yet another routine.

First, she will walk up to my chair and stare at me. Once I look at her, she will talk to me a bit. She is wondering why I am still working, since she is awake and ready to interact. I turn back to my work, and up she hops onto my desk. I don’t really like having her up on my desk, so I reach out to pick her up.

Pepper’s Pops Of Wisdom &Raquo; Pepper With Mug

Not yet, she tells me. She first wants to sit there for a minute and think. After all, we are in an office, so it must be time to think. I give her a few minutes and then reach out for her again. This time she readily moves into my arms.

I really appreciate this time. It is a nice break in my day. She will snuggle up in my arms, purring happily. The gorgeous soft ginger fur on her belly is fully exposed as I cradle her. I lean back and pet her and breathe and listen to her purring. It is like she knew it was time for a break for me also.

This is her being completely vulnerable. She is so relaxed in my arms, her belly exposed, her head resting against my chest. Complete trust. No doubt that she is loved. How wonderful that must be to feel comfortable being so vulnerable and so loved.

Find that place where you can be vulnerable and feel loved.

It’s a beautiful thing, feeling utterly comfortable in vulnerability and assurance of love.

For many of us, this comes with self-love. With other people, we may not feel entirely safe being vulnerable for fear of being judged or ridiculed or rejected. When we love ourselves, we accept ourselves, the good and the not-so-good.

My place is in the cozy corner of my couch, with my coffee and my journal. I can be as honest and as vulnerable as I want to be in my journal.

Pepper’s Pop of Wisdom:

Find time to rest and refresh during your day.
Pepper’s Pops Of Wisdom &Raquo; Pepper Sleeping

I so appreciate the 5 minutes or so that she sits in my arms. It is a reminder to me to unplug from the computer and refresh. Five minutes is all it takes to shift your focus away from work or a project or something else that is consuming you. Five minutes of your attention on deep breathing, watching your shoulders relax and the tightness in your jaw relax. It is nice when you have a beautiful, gentle cat to pet while spending this time, but it is not necessary. (Don’t tell that to Pepper). If you want to, find something soft to hold during this 5-minute relaxation. The tactile sense of softness may help.

As the day winds down, it’s playtime for Pepper. She reminds me that dinner-time equals treats, earned through her tricks — lying down, rolling over, and shaking hands. Then, like a bolt of lightning, she dashes across the house, inviting me to join in her playful antics.

She will sometimes bring me her toy to throw for her. He likes hairbands and she has a couple of favorite toy mice. Her attention span for playing is not too long, but it is important to her. She does not miss a night.

Make time to play.
Pepper’s Pops Of Wisdom &Raquo; Pepper In

Life is a myriad of responsibilities. Yet, Pepper insists on playtime, a crucial element in her day. Her message is clear: amidst chores and obligations, allocating time for joyous play is essential.

  • Know what you want and be comfortable getting it.
  • Find that place where you can be vulnerable and feel loved.
  • Find time to rest and refresh during your day.
  • Make time to play.

Ultimately, the richness of life is found in the relationships we cherish and the moments we allow ourselves to enjoy.

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