What Would I Ask For If A Migraine Genie Granted Me 3 Wishes? &Raquo; Image Asset 1

That’s easy. I’d ask for a cure for all migraines so there would no longer be such a thing as migraine warriors. Since I would be able to eat anything without worrying about triggering a migraine, I would also need to wish for the metabolism of a teenager. Then, of course, I’m going to need large sums of cash to celebrate all the things I would be able to do without the hindrance of migraine.

Since those three wishes make for a very short article, let’s see what I’d wish for if a straight-up migraine cure was off the table. What three wishes could improve the quality of life for someone with migraine? It’s tough for me to narrow the playing field to only three items, but here goes.

Wish #1: I wish my triggers were my choice.

If my triggers were my choice, I could pick food that my taste buds don’t like to eat as my food triggers. For me, that would be tuna, cauliflower, and raspberries. I would be able to eat bananas, raisins, and all the cheeses without the potential consequences of triggering a migraine. That would be delightful and super easy to manage.

I would select horrible smells to which I’m rarely exposed, like skunks, floor glue solvent, and the smell of a dead mouse inside the heat exchanger of a furnace. Yeah, that’s happened. Twice. It was an awful stench that entered every room of the house via the floor vents. I hate the odor of cigarette smoke, but if it wasn’t a trigger for me, I’d be able to enjoy outdoor events. That would be such fun, except for the dangers of heart and lung disease, of course.

Wish #2: I wish a migraine episode didn’t put the migraine warrior’s life on a shelf.

If a migraine attack was less intense, it would be easier for me to keep functioning and participating in the world around me. Headache pain similar to a regular headache and nausea that peaks at a mild upset stomach level would be less intrusive to work and play. Decreasing the sensitivity to light and sound could mean less need for isolation in a dark, quiet room.

Shortening the duration of an episode could also help get me back to my life quicker. I’d be less likely to miss out on work projects, family gatherings, and activities with friends. I envision a world filled with a lot more smiles and laughter and a lot less pain and solitude. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Wish #3: I wish misconceptions about migraine disease didn’t exist.

Can you imagine what it would be like if people without migraine understood the illness? No more being judged as too weak to handle a little headache. No more accusations of making up an attack or being told I’ve thought my way into an episode. The people around me would be understanding members of my migraine support team without me having to teach or preach to them. Belief, respect, and empathy from the people around me would be standard behavior.

I feel a sense of relief just thinking about the make-believe world the genie and I have created with my three wishes. What would you wish for if a migraine genie granted you three wishes? 

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Originally published at WebMD.com on 12-4-23.

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