Can Visual Appeal Boost the Customer Experience?

We shop at any business for the products or services they offer. Hopefully, their service and price are in line with our expectations too. But does the look of the business matter and can the visual appeal boost the customer experience?

Here’s what I mean…

The Power of Visual Appeal

Many years ago, some themed restaurants like Fridays, for example, thought it was cool to hang all kinds of assorted “junk” on their walls. You’d see sports memorabilia, car signs, farm tools, and I even once saw a 12ft canoe. Now, I have no idea what these items have to do with a restaurant, but I guess the powers-to-be thought it may give the patrons something to look at while waiting for their food. Does this make sense to you?

Enhancing the Customer Experience

  • Will these items make you spend more money at the restaurant? I doubt it.
  • Will these items enhance the overall experience? Well, yes, if you’re a fan of garage sales or you like scrounging around an old barn for “antique” stuff.
  • Will these items be a magnet for collecting dust that will fall into your food? Surely, they will.

So, do these items add to the visual appeal? Maybe, maybe not.

Here’s another example. Now, I must admit, some of you will call me out on this and say that I’m being too anal or worrying about something that is not a big deal. But since we’re talking about the visual appeal of a business, shouldn’t it apply to everything the business does? Yes, it should.

What Makes Something Visually Appealing?

Take a look at the photo that accompanies this blog post. Do you see the two colors of the chairs? This is what I walked into while visiting my eye doctor for a check-up.

While I patiently waited to be seen, I couldn’t help but continually stare at the chairs and wonder why the staff couldn’t arrange them in some pattern, so they looked better. How about setting them so that red is every other color or one side of the room red and the other purple? My brain needed something other than this mish-mosh grouping that pained my eyes. I wonder what their website looks like!

How to Optimize Visual Appeal

When it comes to visual appeal, businesses should aim to optimize every aspect of their appearance. This includes the layout of the space, the color scheme, the decor, and even the clothing worn by staff members. By paying attention to these details, businesses can create a visually appealing environment that enhances the customer experience. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty and more sales.

Can visual appeal boost the customer experience? YES!

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