5 Clever Ways To Become The Next Superstar Employee

Wrestlers talk about, “knowing their place on the card.” This means that since they’re not the “headliner” or in the main event, they understand that they are a supporting act for the overall benefit of the show.

They still have a job to do and must perform well. They must get the audience riled up and engaged in the action. They’ve learned from the veterans. Watched hours of match videos. And tried to be a good “student.” Now they’re ready for their time in the spotlight.

Don’t Try to Compete with the Superstar Employee

They won’t worry about what the “main eventers” will do in their match because, in their mind, they intend to “steal the show.” They want their match the one that’s talked about when the show is finished.

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They intend to be the best they can be and hope their actions will lead to bigger and better opportunities within the company. Work hard, do more than the other guy, and stand out by providing value. That will get them to the “main event.”

What can we learn from this? How to Manage a Superstar Employee

Don’t try to compete with the company superstar. Don’t get sidetracked. And don’t waste effort being jealous. You know that won’t get you anywhere. You have your own responsibilities to take care of.

But you can emulate the superstar’s methods and copy some of his actions and try to replicate the same success. Don’t try to compete with the star but learn his moves.

Become the Next Company Superstar Using These 5 Tactics

  1. See what he focuses on and follow his lead.
  2. Who does he learn from? Be their student too.
  3. Observe how he interacts with superiors and do the same.
  4. Watch how he prepares for “the show” and take the same steps.
  5. Listen in on how he collaborates with his peers and try to build similar connections.

There is much to learn from a superstar coworker, and because of this, you have a front-row seat to success. So take advantage of this free training. 5 Clever Ways To Become The Next Superstar Employee.

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