Over the last few decades, Americans saw a massive change from girls protecting their virginity in the 1950s to an increasing number of teenagers actively engaging in sex. Sex gradually became acceptable in movies; today, sexual acts are on daytime TV. Some schools are now talking to young children about sex, different forms of sexual activities, gender dysphoria, and body dysmorphic disorder (Often there is a history of child abuse, neglect, or trauma- 2.5% of girls, 2.2% of boys around age 12 to 13. Source: Psychology Today).

So why is promoting sex America’s downfall? 

The problem begins when we fail to discuss that humans are spiritual beings!

Adults must give children emotional support with love, boundaries, and a spiritual understanding of themselves, or they can set in motion moral decay, which contributes to the destruction of the family.

When we focus on sex, we are focusing on human weakness. Men’s weakness is sex, and women’s weakness is tempting men. 

Americans are the biggest consumers of porn, which can distort the value of love, lead to addiction and impotence for boys. Source: Ballard Brief.

  • Porn sites: 2.14 billion visits during a single month in 2023 
  • The National Library of Medicine called pornography in the U.S. a “porndemic.”
  • Internet Teen Porn Exposure, 93% of teen boys – 62% of teen girls
  • 1.5 million U.S. high school boys and girls admit to being hit or physically harmed by someone they are involved with romantically. Source: Domestic Violence Services, Inc. 

Parents must talk to children when they are young about sex and sexual abuse. Let kids know that no one touches them in an area covered by a bathing suit. Your private parts must remain private. 

Emotional immature teens looking for “love” or “friends” on computers may be unable to handle the pain of bullying, rejection, humiliation, embarrassment, or the possible consequences of pregnancy. Today, we have an epidemic of teens with mental health problems, inflicting self-harm and suicide.

Kings only married virgins for centuries because they would stay loyal and not stray. The more sexual relationships one has, the less likely they are to bond with one person, which can destroy families.

Many teens do not know the difference between love and sex. Sex is a spiritual connection with another human being, and that connection can control an immature teen. Love is knowing someone over time, accepting their strengths and weaknesses, and developing a solid friendship. Teen sex is a physical act for self-gratification, which can lead to destructive behaviors. If an emotionally immature teenager becomes sexually active, parents have lost them to a different mindset.

Everyone has heard stories about abusive lovers. In a sexual relationship, if the boy is controlling, it is difficult for the girl to escape, and she can get trapped in the cycle of abuse. She no longer looks to her parents. It is her spiritual connection to her boyfriend that can control her.

A tragic story of sexual bonding! Sarah, age 16, was having sex with a 19-year-old drug dealer named Bruno Santos. Her parents prohibited her from dating him. Sarah Johnson shot and killed her parents in their Idaho home. She was found guilty of murder and serving life in Pocatello Women’s Prison. 

The sexual revolution has weakened families. No parent wants to lose a child to abuse or worse. We need to focus on children’s strengths because they are born with instincts, intuition, creativity, imagination, a sense of humor, hidden talents, and a God-given self-protective conscience that can keep them safe and healthy. Every child has great potential with the power to determine their own future. 

We are in a spiritual battle between good and evil. I wrote “Magical YOU! Empowering Teens to Stay Safe and Healthy in an Unsafe World” for teenagers. We can’t control teens, but parents can guide and empower them. It is up to parents to decide the future they want for their children and grandchildren. America’s future is at stake!

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