If you’re over 65, exercise can be an important part of your life. Not only does it help keep your body strong and healthy, but it also helps to improve mental well-being. Exercise is a great way to stay active and socialize with others in the community or even just within the comfort of your own home.

Exercising doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – there are plenty of simple ways that you can get Moving each day without breaking the bank! You could take a walk around the block, do some stretching exercises at home using YouTube videos as guidance, or try yoga classes for seniors offered by local gyms or fitness centers near you – whatever works best for you! 

It’s important not to push yourself too hard when starting out with exercise; start gradually and build up slowly so that your body has time to adjust accordingly. If needed, consult with a doctor before beginning any new routine so they can give advice on what activities would work best for someone in their age group. 

Overall exercising is beneficial no matter how old we may be–just remember to listen carefully if our bodies are telling us something isn’t right during physical activity like pain or shortness of breath–these signs should always prompt us to seek medical attention immediately if necessary!

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I served as a teacher, a teacher on Call, a Department Head, a District Curriculum, Specialist, a Program Coordinator, and a Provincial Curriculum Coordinator over a forty year career. In addition, I was the Department Head for Curriculum and Instruction, as well as a professor both online and in person at the University of Phoenix (Canada) from 2000-2010.

I also worked with Special Needs students. I gave workshops on curriculum development and staff training before I fully retired

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