W2ARE-metal-av-cartLuxor Workspaces is recalling about 84,700 Luxor A/V carts in the United States and about 1,650 in Canada.

The carts can be unstable when loaded with heavy objects, such as cathode-ray tube televisions. They pose a tip-over hazard to children, which can result in serious injury or death.

Between 2006 and 2016, three children died and one child was seriously injured when the A/V carts carrying a CRT TV tipped over and landed on them.

Consumers, schools, daycare centers, places of worship, and others that use these carts where children may be present need to be aware of the danger posed by the carts when loaded with CRT TVs.   

Consumers should stop using the recalled carts immediately and contact Luxor for a free repair, the company and U.S. Consumer Safety Commission advise.  

Luxor will provide metal ballast kits, which should be installed to the lower shelf of the cart to add stability and weight. New warning labels cautioning consumers to only put 25 lbs. or less on each shelf will also be provided. Consumers should attach the warning labels on each shelf.

This recall involves three cart base models: WT42 “Tuffy” plastic cart; W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 metal cart; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart.

Click here for a list of the recalled cart models.

Don’t purchase, resell, or donate the recalled carts before repair are made so others aren’t put in danger, the company and CPSC recommend.

For more information, call Luxor Workspaces at 800-323-4656, email recall@luxorworkspaces.com, or visit www.luxorworkspaces.com/recall.

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