A week ago I returned to a manuscript that had been in a file folder for nearly a year.  I had put it aside for various and sundry reasons. 

For those who don’t follow my blog, I’m working  on the sixth book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series. 

I confess that it’s been a rocky return to the manuscript. I work on a chapter each day with edits and rewrites. The problem is that I’m still not sure I like where the story is headed.

I originally thought I could build on the 40k words and finish the first draft in a couple months. Perhaps that’ll happen once I get into a groove. 

My big concern is that I may be developing a case of writer’s block with the manuscript. I’ve wondered if:

  • Maybe I was away from the story for too long to get back into it? 
  • I should simply put it away and come back when I can devote more time to it?
  • I’m putting too much pressure on myself to complete the manuscript with my self-imposed deadline? 
The one solution I see right now is to quit fretting about rewriting, editing, and word count and simply read!

So that is what I plan to do. I’m going to re-read the manuscript, take a few notes along the way, and then get back into it with renewed energy and focus.

Don’t you like reading thought processes of a writer? Kinda crazy, huh?

I’ll let you know in a few days how things worked out.

Until the next time . . . 

Michael Embry Author, Blogger

Michael Embry is a multi-genre author of 15 books.

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