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Ineffective meetings that waste our time can negatively impact psychological, physical, and mental well-being,” highlights one Harvard Business Review (HBR) Ascend article. The same can be said for corporate events and gatherings — hosting too many that don’t leave a positive impact can dampen productivity. Focusing on quality events by implementing effective strategies, on the other hand, can work to ignite productivity — in addition to introducing key benefits like inspiration and innovation. From the power of effective leadership right from the start to the value of technology, networking, and proactive planning, the mundane corporate event can be transformed into an impactful experience.


Effective leadership matters


When aiming to spark innovation and inspiration at a corporate gathering, strong leaders and speakers are a must. Whether you plan to have a higher-up within the company speak or you plan to bring in a keynote speaker, considering a few valuable factors will make or break the event. This includes defining the goal and intent of the event itself as well as the purpose of the speaker. “Knowing a very specific goal, theme, and the audience of your event can assist you in identifying the purpose of the guest speaker,” explains one Forbes post, which goes on to point out that attendees will often arrive with high energy and expectations. Matching that energy with the right speaker will not only ignite inspiration and innovation in the crowd, but will set the right tone for a successful event right from the very beginning.


Leveraging technology for engagement


Sparking innovation is an essential aspect of successful corporate gatherings, regardless as to the overall mission. Keeping attendees engaged will not only capture everyone’s attention, but can also ensure that what is discussed is retained well beyond the event itself. One way to do this is through technology — live polling, question apps, and even social media can all work to make a corporate gathering more engaging while gaining insight to what the audience thinks. Using technology like virtual reality (VR) headsets is another idea proposed by The Boss Magazine, providing event attendees with in-depth tours of upcoming projects, initiatives, etc. That said, it’s imperative to note that leveraging technology can go even further, after the event. Online feedback forms and polls, for example, can be used to gain valuable intel on the event itself by proposing questions about the gathering and how the next can be improved.


The power of networking


When aiming to ignite inspiration at corporate gatherings, networking is a must. Not only does networking provide value to everyone present on a professional level, but it can also contribute to personal growth in addition to creating a light and engaging atmosphere. One Forbes article by Jennifer Best, the vice president of marketing at All American Entertainment Speakers Bureau, highlights the value of networking at corporate events — particularly in regard to building human connections. Reflecting on an industry conference she attended, Best noted that while the event featured informative speakers and inspiring keynotes, it lacked both space and time for networking. “Those shared experiences and the ability to meet new people within your industry are part of why people choose to attend events,” Best writes. “If I’m attending a software conference, I equally value two things: learning more about the software and connecting with others in my position who also use the software.” As a result, Best explains that such opportunities help people to feel they belong, providing value that can carry on long after the event ends.


Effective planning can go a long way


Bringing things down to the basics can be a great way to set the stage for a great corporate gathering. For example, when aiming to increase engagement at corporate events, planning out games can make for an unforgettable time. Games can provide a chance for mingling, collaborative teamwork, and can make the event more engaging for attendees. According to Indeed, corporate team-building games also help to improve organizational performance as well as boost positivity and cooperation in both the teams and within the company as a whole. Trivia, scavenger hunts, competitions, and bingo all present as worthy options to try at a corporate gathering. When aiming for a successful event that everyone is sure to enjoy, planning engaging and interactive games can be done by considering the addition of supplemental factors, such as awards, refreshments, a curated playlist, and a fun theme. 


Corporate events and gatherings typically get a bad rap for being ineffective and downright boring. However, by cultivating quality events through fortifying aspects like curated speakers and effective planning, corporate gatherings can be transformed into positive and impactful experiences for all in attendance.

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Michael Levitt Chief Burnout Officer

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