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3 Important Things To Remember When Shipping Hazardous Items

3 Important Things To Remember When Shipping Hazardous Items &Raquo; Translogisticsinc 205359 Shipping Hazardous Items Image1

Responsibly shipping combustible items, radioactive items, and other dangerous materials is possible, but it requires very strict steps. Our guide below details three important things to remember when shipping hazardous items. If you’re preparing for a new order of dangerous materials, read the details below to avoid easy mistakes along the way.

Properly Classify Materials

In the shipping industry, freight is clearly labeled with specific classes to ensure proper procedures are successfully followed during the shipping process, and that everyone can clearly see what class of item they’re working with. One of the factors that determine a shipment’s classification is the type of hazardous material on board, as well as whether it’s corrosive, combustible, or radioactive.

Knowing what an item’s classification is will help with understanding how to safely ship those items. For instance, some hazardous items cannot be shipped with other materials to avoid accidents occurring during transportation.

Avoid Accidental Charges

When learning the essentials of LTL freight, you’ll find freight class frequently mentioned not just because of safety precautions, but also due to the impact the class will have on shipping costs. The wrong classification label can lead to you accruing costs you wouldn’t have to pay with the correct class marked.

Beyond accidentally misclassifying items, errors such as duplicate invoices and not adding negotiated discounts can also accrue extra costs, so be sure you’re paying what you should be with your hazardous items. Shipping such items will require special precautions, but you still deserve a fair price on orders. Always have someone in place to monitor invoices so you can catch the aforementioned issues, as well as any other errors, during any shipping endeavor.

Hire Reputable Shippers

An important thing to remember when shipping hazardous items is that the experts you put in charge of shipping will impact the final results. In other words, hire shipping experts who you can rely on to properly handle, label, and deliver all materials.

Of course, looking over invoices will always remain important, but hiring the right team for dangerous items will help you reduce the chances of dangerous accidents happening. Focusing on details like these ensures you can maintain an efficient and responsible business reputation. Use these tips with your next shipment of hazardous materials so you can set the right shipping standard for your business.

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Michael Levitt Chief Burnout Officer

Michael D. Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout consulting firm. He is a Keynote speaker on The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and Burnout. He is the host of the Breakfast Leadership show, a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, a Fortune 500 consultant, and author of his latest book BURNOUT PROOF.

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